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"Reflection of Subconsciousness" is an abstract art piece that delves into the depths of the human mind. With a minimalist design featuring a plain white background, mirrors on the sides, and plain white faces in different positions and styles, this piece invites viewers to explore their own subconscious and confront the complexities of their thoughts and emotions. The mirrors inside of the sides create a sense of self-reflection and introspection, making this piece perfect for anyone who wants to engage with their own psyche and gain a deeper understanding of themselves. This art piece is not only a beautiful decoration for your house or office, but serves another purpose of being a white board at the back, which you can use to write down your affirmations, to-do lists, and simply any thoughts that you have which you wish to display.”

Dimensions: inches: 8 7/8w x 8 7/8h x 1 3/4d. cm: 22.6h x 22.6h x 4.6d

Polymer clay, acrylic paint, wood, glass, acrylic mirrors

"Reflection of Subconsciousness" -3D art picture in box with side mirrors.

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