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"To The Last!.." reflects a proud Zaporozhian Cossack. At their height, Cossacks were regional defenders protecting the large expanse of land in Eastern Europe. They had complex, organized communities, supplying a large number of trained soldiers to defend their land and their families; all able men pledging 20 years of military service from the young age of 18. Common with all Ukrainian Cossacks, is their great pride borne out of strong military traditions and code of conduct that allowed them to maintain healthy communities; they maintained regional order and tradition in a chaotic world, often willing to defend it “to the last”. From the copper ring in his right ear our Cossack is the last fighting man alive in his family. His family’ sacrifice will be honored by all, and he will not be on the front line unless the situation becomes desperate and he is the last of his kind.

Medium: sculpting, painting, costuming


Materials: “Living doll” oven-baked polymer clay, acrylic and oil paint, pastel, modern and antique fabrics and lace, leather, wire, wool, felt, Tibetan llama hair.

Dimensions of final piece (inches):12h*6w Year of creation: 2020

Art figurine "To The Last!.."

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