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Art figurine "Timeless Beauty"

"Timeless Beauty" appeals to everyone that watched their mother or grandmother’s ritualistic procession simply preparing for the day. Her content smile reflects a lesson of pride as she can only see the younger reflection of herself. Inevitably time will take its toll on the body, but the soul always reflects in that mirror. This moment in time shared with those who are watching is timeless, and so is her beauty.


Artwork title: Timeless Beauty Medium: sculpting, painting, costuming.

Materials: “Living doll” oven-baked polymer clay, acrylic and oil paint, pastel, modern and antique fabrics and lace, leather, wire, wool, felt, Tibetan llama hair (mirror accessory is manufactured).

Dimensions of final piece (inches):11h*8w Year of creation: 2018

Art figurine "Timeless Beauty"

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