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Art figurine "Pioneer Strength"

"Pioneer Strength" is representative of women who paved the path to new frontiers; their determination, strength, and perseverance common traits of their character. This piece represents that special woman we meet from time to time, one that we can never forget, one with a strong personality that sees all obstacles as a challenge to be tested and conquered. They beat the path for all who follow with traits reflected in the portraits of pioneers such as Mary Shedd Cary, Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, Marie Lacoste, and too many more to mention them all here. Those who defied status quo and pioneered freedom and equality for all women all share a piercing look, and the “dare me to break my invisible bonds” attitude to break free from precedence and stereotypes to inspire and benefit all women.


Artwork title: Pioneer Strength Medium: sculpting, painting, costuming

Materials: “Living doll” oven-baked polymer clay, acrylic and oil paint, pastel, modern and antique fabrics and lace, leather, wire, wool, felt, Tibetan llama hair.

Dimensions of final piece (inches):11h*5.5w Year of creation: 2019

Art figurine "Pioneer Strength"

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