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"Obsessed Soul" observes a man consumed with material possession and wealth, forgetting all around him but things captured by his gaze. The message of wisdom is from the trial of a life lived and wasted ignoring all that is not in the scope of view. Surely a recluse shying away from human contact, it is doubtful that this man had companionship or even true love in his life, only living for possessions that he will never be able to take in the afterlife.


Artwork title: Obsessed Soul Medium: sculpting, painting, costuming

Materials: “Living doll” oven-baked polymer clay, acrylic and oil paint, pastel, modern and antique fabrics, leather, wire, wool, felt.

Dimensions of final piece (inches):7.5h*7.5w Year of creation: 2019

Art figurine "Obsessed Soul"

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